New Season

These next two weeks will be the last time I call Boston home…at least, for a while.

This is my last week at a job with a company that has been my second home for most of my 20’s. It has seen me triumph, falter, laugh and love.

Sometimes it’s necessary to shake things up, get out of a comfort zone and try something new; so that’s exactly what I’m doing. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m scared shitless.)

In late March I was visiting friends in New York and on the last full day I was there it struck me: I need to give New York another go.  I have been in Boston for the majority of my 20’s, and as of late, I’ve felt this longing for something else, something more. As many of you know, I fell in love with a city at 15 years old, and it never has left me. I left my sweet and safe home of Marblehead to explore New York as a college student, and now almost 30, feel like it’s my time to be there as an adult.

I made a large goal to find a job; I did. Next on the list was find a place to live that hopefully didn’t consist of me in a cardboard box under a bridge using Elvis as a guard dog. That in and of itself was completely a stress beyond no other. I went down to New York a few weekends ago and stayed with one of my best friends (Bonnie), and she graciously went along with me to scout out my future apartment.

We saw a grand total of 3 apartments, and the last one I visited made me believe in the old beautiful New York apartments no one sees anymore. As Bonnie and I were looking around the space, all I needed was Bonnie’s affirming and curt little nod; she was saying: yup. This is a keeper. This is good. This is where we can have dinner parties every Sunday night.

So. The neighborhood in Brooklyn I will be calling home is Crown Heights–(I always knew in someway I was destined for royalty, now it’s part of my residence.) I have met my landlord, he seems lovely and kind, and when I extended my hand for him to shake, he politely refused explaining that out of respect for his wife, he is forbidden to touch another woman. I smiled and thought to myself: he should have taught my ex-boyfriends a thing or two.

The moving situation? I mean, sure. It’s going to happen. Just not sure exactly…how…ugh.

While this transition is bittersweet, I know Boston will always be here, with open arms and its wonderful accents to embrace me when I return; it holds my heart. I have bonds here that will last my lifetime. New York now holds my future, and as my story unfolds, I hope I am able to share it with you. xo.

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